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Hiking Trips Romania

Hiking Trips Romania: Easy mountain trails for beginners

Hiking Trips Romania – If you don’t have any experience in mountain climbing, but still want to enjoy the beauty of the scenery and the pleasure of walking, you can choose a beginner route. Besides having the satisfaction of breathing the fresh mountain air, you can also get an effective exercise for your health. If you get a smart watch, there are plenty of apps for counting your steps. You’ll admire nature and exercise while monitoring your results yourself.

Chosing one of the Hiking Trips Romania comes not only with benefits, but also some challenges. You need to make sure you are very well prepared for the trail beforehand. Here are some ideas for easy mountain trails:

Mountain Spring – Dochia Hut (duration: 4 hours)

Hiking Trips RomaniaIf you want a hike on Ceahlau, then you can choose an easy route, starting from the Izvorul Muntelui hut and going through the Lutul Rosu Curmature to the Dochia Hut. After climbing through the forest, halfway up the trail you will see the Toaca Peak. A place where you can make a short stop is the Water Stone. After resting a bit at Dochia hut, if you want, you can continue the trail to Toaca Peak. You can do this hike in any season.

Balan Village – Singuratica Hut (duration: 1,5 hours)

The Hiking Trips Romania in the Hasmas Mountains offer you a lot of accessible trails. One of them is the one that starts from Balan town and goes to Singuratica Hut. There are two options: marked with a blue stripe, from the centre of Balan, or with a red triangle, from the north of the village. If you choose the first one, you start from the church in town and, crossing the valley of the Ironworks, you walk 4,5 km to the hut. To climb up there you will pass through a spruce forest.

During the ascent you can rest in a few small woods and admire the Sharp Peak. If you start from the north of Balan, then you take the path past the Catholic church, along the valley of the Szep river, on the forest road leading eastwards and up the ridge to the right. At some point you reach the ski slope, from where you will have to follow the blue tape marking to reach the hut.

Gura Haitii village – „12 Apostoli” geological reserve (duration: 2 – 2,5 hours)

In the Calimani Mountains you can take an easy trail from the village of Gura Haitii to the Geological Reserve „12 Apostoli”, located in the north of Calimani. You start from the right of the stone quarry through several pastures, pass through a spruce forest and reach the reserve’s cliffs.

If you want to enjoy Hiking Trips Romania and wonder at the beauty of the mountain trails, choose the route that suits you according to your physical condition, not only taking into account the landscapes you will meet on the way, equip yourself properly, follow the markings and remember that the mountain must be respected.

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